• This course is designed to challenge students who have scored highly on the Cognitive Aptitude tests. These are typically students with high IQs, low tolerance for "busy work" and a high interest level. It is not a "game time" or "play time" and will be focusing on academic, logical, mathematical, and cranial investigations.

    The first theme will be bridges. As it is a huge ordeal, it will not be due until Christmas break, at the end of the first semester.

    The second theme will be philosophy. Each student will be required to create a dialogue defending some philosophical point he or she wishes to make. It needs to be at least 10 pages long.

    The third theme will be logic. Students can create logic puzzles (at least 10), a manipulatable toy or game, a drawing, or anything that demonstrates solid logic.

    The last theme of the year will be to design a challenging themed game, complete with instructions, board, tiles, or cards, and everything needed to play. It should be publishable-quality.